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Minimizing risks means more safety, uptime and sustainability

To be safe in risky, complex and investment-intensive processes sets demanding requirements both for proper design, routines and control of the equipment as well as having trained and experienced employees. Today, concern and care for the environment is becoming more and more important and no one can afford leakages or breakdowns that could harm the nature or the image of your company. Also, in terms of profitability, it is crucial that your production is running as planned. Sudden down-time stoppages cost both time and money.

We make sure your business is safe 

CQI provides services which help you make sure your operations and plants are in good condition.

We support with e.g.

  •   testing
  •   inspection
  •   risk-based inspection

and participate in your renovation, modernization and investment projects and plans.

This will allow you to minimize risks and give necessary information to maximize safety, uptime and sustainability.

CQI has the resources to support both your daily business and the bigger maintenance stoppages or projects.