NDT Training

We provide training suitable for both DIN EN ISO 9712 central certifications, and also employer based certification to Levels 1, 2, and 3 to SNT-TC-1A program. We provide training for ASNT Level 3 for a range of methods. Choose from a variety of NDT methods, including Visual inspection, Penetrate inspection, Magnetic particle inspection, Radiographic inspection, Ultrasonic inspection, Eddy Current inspection and Material Evaluation. We supply to companies in a wide range of industrial sectors; Power, Nuclear, Shipping, Transport, Leisure, Pre-service, In-Service, Oil, Gas, Electricity and Pressure Vessels.

About Our Courses

Our courses are based heavily on practical exercises, which when combined with the recording, reporting and answering of quizzes, results in the understanding of a specific syllabus segment from Germany directly. Up front lecturing is reduced to a minimum and the emphasis is on training to the precise, specific needs of the individual. Exercises are regularly backed up by the tutor, and all teaching is reviewed by texts, standards and computer based learning where possible.

To view detailed information about the courses we offer, select the method you require from the list. We can provide various courses for each method, each suited to your particular requirements. The type of course you choose depends on how much experience you have, whether you have received training previously or currently hold a certificate, and also what type of certification you are working towards.

More specialist courses are available under some methods, for example Time of Flight Diffraction and Phased Array being specialist subjects within Ultrasonic Testing.

To book a course, simply call our office on: +86/(0) 21-3461 0819 or email to check availability and make a reservation. Generally information including syllabus is available online, however if you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to call our office.

Preparing For Your Course

It is important that all relevant parts relating to your application are completed. Please take great care to complete it fully. It may be that without completing the form fully we will not be able to accept your booking. 

Please attend at 08.30. Courses close at 16.30. Lunch is taken at times suitable to the candidate from 12.30 – 13.30. 

  1.   Eye Test – You are responsible for providing an Eye Test where applicable.

  2.   Fees – No certificates will be issued unless fees have been paid in full. We do accept all major Credit and Debit Cards.

Please select which method you would like to view training information for:

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