Metals & Mining


Mining: Minimize risks for accidents and maximize your effectiveness.

There are increasing demands for effectiveness, reliability and safety. In a challenging environment you need to have total control of your equipment. An unexpected failure or interruption in operation could be very expensive. Safety for your personnel is essential when handling enormous weights travelling at high speeds. All in all, there is a need for adequate technical solutions.

A service offer that minimize risks for accidents

With our services you will have the tools and knowledge to minimize risks and to help maintain safe operations. Our technical consultancy services, like

  •   structural analysis
  •   design optimization
  •   damage investigation and
  •   development of optimal inspection plans

are just some of the services we can support you with. Adding our thorough inspections, machinery safety and quality control services for mine hoists, cranes, blowers, lifts etc. minimizes risks for damage and accidents and maximizes your effectiveness.