Make you a safe world

CQI’s Risk Management services range from the traditional assessment of risk and input into the design and operation of upstream and downstream O&G facilities, to the growing areas of human factors and safety culture. 

We work closely with operators and their engineering consultants and/or EPC contractors to identify, assess and reduce risk and thereby maximize competitive advantage.

Our ability to evaluate the combined impacts of risk on business from a safety, environmental, health, social, reputational and security perspective differentiates us from other providers.  CQI’s integrated Risk Management Practice addresses equipment, management systems, safety culture and emergency responses, providing added value and enabling us to support clients in the development of effective SHE Cases for their operations. We deliver the full suite of engineering safety studies on new development projects, including Formal Safety Assessments, all the way to detailed Process Safety reviews of high risk sites and liability costing for clients considering major transactions.

Risk Management Services

  •   Project risk and safety support, including decision support
  •   Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA)
  •   HAZID, HAZOP, FMEA Reviews
  •   Drilling/SIMOPs Risk Assessment
  •   Process Safety Management
  •   Offshore Safety Cases, HSE Cases,
  •   HSE Impact Assessments
  •   Formal Safety Assessments
  •   Safety Culture Diagnostic and Implementation of Improvement Measures
  •   HSE Management Systems
  •   Human Factors Assessment
  •   Consequence Modeling and Analyses
  •   SIL, LOPA, FMEA Studies
  •   Bow-tie Analyses, Safety Critical Elements Identification and Performance Standards
  •   Emergency Response Assessments and Planning
  •   Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Studies
  •   Corporate Risk Profiling
  •   Enterprise Risk Management
  •   Risk Software Development