Sourcing Support Services (3S)

To help international companies achieve success in China Sourcing, based on our rich experiences CQI developed Sourcing Support Service which provides full assistance along the whole sourcing process:

While enhancing procurement in China to exploit the competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry, international companies are increasingly facing difficulties. On one hand, most of Chinese manufacturers are not very well known; it is very hard to get sufficient and reliable supplier information. On the other hand, international and local product regulations are becoming various and complex; it is a challenge to ensure the purchased goods are in compliance with all statutory requirements. Also, the cultural difference, language, misunderstanding of product specifications, supplier credibility, product quality, possible delivery delay and social compliance issues are also bringing risks to China sourcing. The key to success lies in selecting right suppliers and keeping strict quality control.

What is 3S?

For our Sourcing Support Services we can help you in following areas:

  •   Market Research and Production Regulation Consulting
  •   Searching for Suppliers
  •   Supplier Investigation
  •   Supplier Assessment and Audit
  •   Supplier Development
  •   Shop Inspection during Fabrication
  •   Expediting & Pre-shipment Inspection
  •   Sourcing Project Management