Manufacturing & Engineering


Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Players in the Chemical & Pharmaceutical sector operate in a global environment. With global operations come global responsibilities that need to be addressed locally. Companies must comply with a vast array of national and international legislation as well as industry regulations. There is also growing international pressure to reduce environmental risk and improve efficiency. These are significant challenges to face.

CQI’s experts have up-to-date knowledge on local, international and industry safety, quality and environmental requirements that will support you to achieve compliance efficiently and effectively.

So as you improve performance, our experts ensure you also comply with quality, safety and environmental standards while taking your plant reliability and availability into account.

Our experts offer advice on a plant’s design to manufacturing. Our services include third-party inspection, risk analysis and optimization proposals through to Owner’s Engineering project services.

With our one-stop approach, you can optimise the efficiency of your processes in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.